Sunday, 30 October 2011

Memasak 1

Welcome to our blog! The posts will show the highlights of our Aku Cinta Indonesia event/project.

Kue Serabi is a kind of rice flour pancake. It is a traditional kind of street food sold in Indonesia. There are 2 kinds of kue serabi: one with sweet sauce, another without sweet sauce. Memasak 1 learnt to  bake kue serabi with the sweet sauce. The ingredients for making the pancake include flour, coconut milk, eggs and butter. As for the sauce, it consist of  coconut milk, sugar and duan pandan.

The people enjoying the food prepared by Memasak 1 and other groups on Aku Cinta Indonesia Night.
Wish you were there! =D

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Memasak 2

After the concert, all of us were treated to many traditional Indonesian snacks by our memasak groups. Memasak Group 2 had presented two types of Indonesian dishes, namely Talam Ebi and Panad. The two dishes originated in different parts of Indonesia. While Panad originated from North Sulawesei, Talam Ebi originated from Central Java. Talam Ebi was the dish that had spring onions, chilli and dried shrimps scattered all over a plate of white kue that has a chewy texture, almost similar to what we know as Chwee Kway. Panad looked almost similar to curry puffs, except that the fillings were made out of cakalang, a type of fish and perhaps the cooking methods varied too. On the whole, despite the small difficulties that Memasak group 2 encountered, they had a brilliant time learning how to make these dishes. All of them agreed them there are two key success factors, time management and teamwork! They would like to thank Ibu Agnes for assisting them. Kudos to Memasak Group 2 for providing us with sumptuous food on that night. Thanks for the hard work!

Brilliant array of food
Memasak 2